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(or What happens to a product once it has left the catwalk……)

Wednesday 23rd March 2011



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Laura Bradley

Writer, Editor

Laura Bradley is Commissioning Editor at AnOther. Prior to this, she was i-D's Online Editor and Fashion Features Editor at SHOWstudio.com. Bradley graduated from the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication with Promotion course at Central Saint Martins with a First Class Honours. She founded and is Editor in Chief of The Fashion Almanac and the inaugural printed issue for Spring/Summer 2008 featured contributions from an array of industry personalities including Jason Evans, Simon Foxton, Susannah Frankel, Pierre Hardy, Stephen Jones, M/M (Paris) and Peter Saville. Bradley also works as a freelance writer, contributing to a number of international publications such as i-D Magazine and Vogue Hommes Japan and has lectured at institutions including the ICA and the Design Museum.


Photograph Ben Dunbar-Brunton

Please look at these sites for Laura’s work:


Everything you need to know about children's wear Seminar


> You are warmly invited to attend a seminar entitled, ‘Everything you need to

> know about children’s wear’, organised jointly by SDC London Region and the

> London Section of the Textile Institute. The event will be held on Friday

> 15th April at the London College of Fashion, Room G05 Lecture Theatre, 272

> High Holborn, London WC1V 7EX.

> For students there is no entry fee and for SDC & TI members the cost to attend

> is £5. Non-members will be charged £25, however if you join the SDC before

> the event, entrance will be free. If you would like to become a member, go to

> our website: www.sdc.org.uk and click on Membership

> where you will find all the information that you require but if you have any

> queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

> clarem@sdc.org.uk


> The seminar will cover design, sizing, licensed brands, testing, legislation,

> safety, dyes and prints and presentations will be delivered by eminent

> speakers in their respective fields:

> Sonya Thomas, M&S, Children’s Wear Technologist, Integrating Safety into

> Design

> SGS Technical Consultant, Childrens’ Wear Testing

> Oliver Dyer, Skew Studio, MD-Licensed Product Design, Children’s Wear

> Dr Jo Lloyd, REACH Ready, Technical Director, Restricted Chemicals Regulations

> Sue Bolton CCol FSDC, Consultant, Convenor of the CEN Group on Safety of

> Children’s Clothing

> Chair, Jean Perry CTextFTI, Consultant Technologist



> To pre-register your attendance, please email:

> sdclondonregion@coloursmith.co.uk

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Fashion Shop blogs Feedback

Group A1


Extensive and comprehensive report on all the shops required – well done. The images could have been more impactful and communicative – more images might be good here. Good use of words – a good team effort.

Please use a spellchecker! You have written ‘nit’ instead of ‘knit’, ‘apreciatte’ instead of ‘appreciate’

Grade 2:1

Group A2


I can only find one page of information here – no older or newer blogs. This is not enough work for this project. The Selfridges page gives no sense of the slick international flavour of this most fashion aware department store – just looks like a surreal walk in the country! For Acne I am expecting more than a few poor images of the inside of the store! The last three images help a little to give some sense of the brand but still a very lazy effort with almost no text.

Grade: Fail

Group A3

No blog received – if you have done it please forward it to me

Group A4


You have entitled this blog ‘ The Elite versus High street’ but do not explain which shop is where in you perceptions so the theory you appear to be promoting is lost. Check your details – one of the best known shops in London (and the world) is not called ‘Liberties’ it’s Liberty!

It is good to see the variety of imagery you needed to communicate your impressions of the shops but the repeated use of the cheap looking picture frame is unnecessary, misleading and anyway it’s pretty hideous. Be more critical of what you have put together here – for example, what images now look weak? Leave them out.

Grade 3rd

Group A5


An extensive collection of material on each shop showing focussed observation of the stores, their staff and merchandise. Please, please read what you have written so that grammer and spelling are better – and use the spellchecker.

Visually the work presented is not strong. It’s fine to make some quick sketches to remind yourselves of what you are looking at but they are not nearly good enough to present as elements of final work.

Grade 2:2

Group B1


Some good descriptive sentences used here. However, a lot of use of the word ‘I’ showing that this was not a conclusion arrived at by the team. The idea of this project is that you are all aware of these shops – they will be important to you through your career – and that you will continue to visit them. The imagery generally weak, poorly drawn and uninspired, What does this sad little drawing of Browns have to offer? Some shops do not have imagery at all – including the first shops on your blog which is a poor start and introduction to this piece of work. Check your spelling – what is a ‘cab nit’ in the Start piece?!

Grade 3rd

Group B2


A comprehensive and well rounded piece of work - there is always room for improvement but you have covered each shop with consideration and analysis. Good and varied vocabulary communicates an understanding and enthusiasm for the shops you visited – good display of teamwork.

Grade 2:1.

Group B3


This appears a very half hearted effort indeed – I asked that you should not resort to a photo of the shop and most of this blog is composed of just that.

Grade – Fail

Group B4


A very pared down offering – I would like to see more work here – but well presented visually – the images for the shops themselves need more definition and more words would help to communicate your ideas better too

Grade 2:2

Group B5

Group C1


this strange Edwardian perfume image is doing little to introduce you viewers to a series of presentations on some of the most exciting and modern fashion shops in the world! And please lose the dreary cheap wallpaper background too. Once we get past the bad introduction there are some really clever images that you have selected or created to convey the mood of each store. This is much improved. The text is good too

Grade: 2:2 – change the intro and this will improve

Group C2


This blog has potential but it’s too minimal – I want to see and read much more. Interesting us of words – again more of them would be good to help communicate your ideas. The images have taken thought, analysis and group discussion – again I would like to see more.

Grade 2:2

Group C3


Lively and engaging series of imagery – and good supportive text as well. This is a pleasing exposition of what you were asked to do – clean and honed and considered – it certainly feels like the group worked well together to create this – the work appears developed and I get a sense you had good discussions to achieve this

Grade; 2:1

Group C4


A good variety of shops – not all from the list we gave you so well done for finding more and exploring them. You have dealt well with giving an impression of the store though the images you have created – imaginative and creative collages of imagery and some good use of vocabulary to support the image.

Grade: 2:1

Not now sure which blog I am referring to here as I had it under the wrong heading originally!!

This blog contains very few of the shops you were asked to investigate so is incomplete. Some effort has been made to give an impression of the store but it is very little work for a 5 week project with a whole team working on it

Grade – Fail

Photoshop and Illustrator workshops.

Chris says: "Here's a couple of links I promised you in the Photoshop and Illustrator workshops.

It contains helpful tips and techniques that you might find useful as well as many interesting web links on a broad range of subjects.
Don't forget to practice too!"