Tuesday, 20 October 2009


The 2nd year Fashion Textile students are currently working on a project aimed at addressing issues of sustainablity and industry waste. The project is titled 'Remade' and the students are creating one off, unique items of clothing made from reclaimed materials. We have subscribed to the Enfeild Scrap project which is a wonderful resource full of unwanted materials from local businesses. We found lots of amazing textiles, old clothes, yarns, buttons etc.... forgotten, unwanted and we are giving them a new life.

All students of Middlesex University can use the Enfield scrapp project, you need to make an appointment and arrive with your student card. You can expect to pay £5 for a bin-liner full of stuff.

For more info visit http://www.scrapp.org.uk

We wish to exhibit student work and are looking for possible venues-opportunities, if you know of or run a second hand shop, would you consider putting some of our work in the window? Any suggestions welcome.

Watch this space, we will soon be publishing some of the work in progress.......


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