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Year 1 - Generic Fashion Module

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Low attendance today (15/2/2012) so here are the details for next week.
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Nick Knight - Photographer

Generic Fashion Module - Part Four - The Press, Styling, Photography and Marketing.

For this part of the module, your groups will be presenting 1 FASHION STORY.
This will be a fashion editorial for a magazine/publication - online or in print.
 The Fashion Story should reflect the work of the designer you researched and designed for in Part 3. The designer can be a starting point - so be creative and take your ideas as far as you can.

There are many ways to create a fashion story - so you do not have to limit yourself to the setup of photographer + stylist + clothes + model. You should all have investigated and be aware of different image makers i.e. on the list - so you have some inspiration.

Use THEFASHIONSPOT.COM forums - their users upload the work of creative fashion teams in the Behind The Lens forum. Here you can get a quick overview of many of fashion's key image makers.

Nicola Formichetti (stylist)
Tim Walker (Photographer)

FOR NEXT WEEK : 22 Feb 2012
You will all have done LOTS of brainstorming on potential ideas for your fashion story.
Post ideas on your facebook page so your colleagues can see what you are thinking.

In this lesson you will need to show visual direction and ideas for your shoot - i.e. theme, model, aesthetic, photography style, location etc. Are there shoots you love already? What magazine would your editorial fit in? Will there even be clothes in the shoot? Could it be a fashion film or an illustrated story?  Will it be a street-style shoot? What props would you make / use? What will the make-up/hair/clothing be like? B E  C R E A T I V E

I will be working with you in your groups to finalise an idea for your fashion story. Please come with lots of ideas - no matter how good/bad you think they are.  It's not fun when people don't have ideas as it holds us back a week. Get excited please!

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