Thursday, 12 November 2015

Guatemalan Garment Manufacturers and Brands || 2 or 3 Student Volunteers Needed on Friday 13th November

Dear All,

I am looking for 2 or 3 volunteers to help show a group of garment manufacturers and brands visiting from Guatemala around central London - taking them to all the key shopping areas and cool stores on this Friday -  13th November.  You would be needed all day. All expenses will be paid.

You will need to demonstrate leadership and initiative; be confident about leading a group of visitors around London; interested in engaging with business owners from Guatemala; keen to think of potential retailers that would suit their category of products; have a good knowledge of fashion retail destinations in London, including niche stores.

It would be really great if you can speak Spanish as well, although as all the delegates do speak English to some degree, so it is not strictly necessary.

I give some general information about the delegation below.  If you are interested to participate - please let me know asap and I can send you some profiles of the companies participating, so you can have an idea in advance of the brands you would be showing around.  There will be an opportunity to attend a networking event with the delegates on the Thursday evening too, I think - if you are free.

Thanks in advance!

Emma (


There are 9 companies participating in this trade activity, which is supported by the Dutch Government. The key aim and agenda of this visit is for them to understand quality standards, price points, market segments, competition and the design aesthetic of brands and retailers here.

They are 5 manufacturers and 4 brands participating. They need to go to the key areas of London’s shopping streets. The manufacturers would most probably find it easy to walk on Oxford street for the majority of time… but would also like to perhaps see other parts of London’s shopping locations where higher end of more niche brands and retailers exist.

The brands would be keen to identify cool stores and possible markets where their products could sell and stock their products.

The project would need about 2 - 3 students for the day to walk the streets with the groups to guide the delegates and take them to potentially interesting locations. We would need to hear from the students in advance about their thoughts and where they would recommend to take the delegates.

We will pay for their oyster card journey into central London and pay for their expenses during the day for lunch, coffee / tea and some snacks. Please do inform them that we need the receipts for all things to be able to pay them for these things.

Some areas of interest would be:

Oxford Street (the department stores) and retailers...and surrounding areas of Soho, Mayfair, Regent Street, New Bond Street, some of the little streets around there.

Covent Garden area

Shoreditch area

Other areas and stores as recommended by the students

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