Monday, 14 March 2016



On Tuesday 12th April, Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts are joining together with the Students Union to host the FIRST EVER Middlesex University's Creative Careers Fair. There will be employers from a range of companies that students in Art and Design, Media and Performing Arts would aspire to work for in the Quadrangle of Middlesex University between 11am - 4pm for students to talk too. You will be able to hear first-hand how to become more employable from Middlesex University's Vice Chancellor and a selection of industry experts. And lastly there will be multiple creatively tailored interactive workshops.


There is an extraordinary exhibition taking place in the Grove Atrium on 18th April at 5pm: Housing Village. Middlesex University creative students have taken part in an pioneered project to present a designed representation of their standpoint on London housing. This is a unique opportunity for creative students and the wider community in London to be inspired, share and convene thoughts and ideas on the current housing crisis whilst at a creative, social and interactive exhibition. To find out more information visit

Kind Regards,

Anya Walsh
Art and Design Student Opportunities Intern
Middlesex University Students Union
Middlesex University | The Burroughs | London | NW4 4BT

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