Thursday, 19 January 2012

1st Year Textiles - Generic Fashion - 'Designers' Project

Hi Everyone,

For next Wednesday you will have researched your 3 chosen designers (3 designers per team/group) and have specific, relevant images and precise information that show your understanding of these designers' individual signatures and aesthetics. Each group will need to discuss your chosen designers with me - so be prepared please! Please bring physical images/examples of research for potential mood boards so we can discuss what will influence your group's designs/capsule collection.

For this part of the project each group/ team will be handing in the following:

-Visual research into 3 designers.
-Maximum 600 words overall about the 3 designers. (Written info needs to be concise, edited, original + to the point).
-1 Designer chosen from the 3.
-Minimum 1 mood board that describes the Designer's work. (You will be using this mood board to design from.)
-1 colour palette derived from mood board.
-1 6 piece capsule collection / product range inspired by your selected Designer.
-1 fashion shop your collection will be sold in (i.e. to reflect the consumer/market you are designing for).

Your groups are design collectives / fashion houses...think of a name for yourself...(i.e.Y3 range = Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas)

All of the above to be presented online on your group blogs.
However for the hand in I will want the original, physical work to be presented in person to me and the rest of the Groups - we won't have access to computers on the day.

Many thanks,

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