Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hi everyone - good to meet you all today. Please can someone post this link on the Facebook group?

To confirm: for next week you will all have research and be informed on ALL the designers listed on the Project Brief for a group discussion. Please also find 3 designers (not on list) who you individually find interesting or relevant and be prepared to talk about them - excited to see what you discover!
^Issey Miyake SS 1999 ^

Here are a few things to follow on from today's discussion:

Amazing knitwear designer Sandra Backlund:

NYT journalist Cathy Horyn talks to Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton about craft in this video:

Aitor Throup Website - scroll through his sketchbooks, commissions, illustrations, films etc...

Article on 'The Legacy Of The Antwerp Six' - (The BOF - Business Of Fashion is a great site for daily articles etc on the industry - bookmark it) + there are some nice links to young designers at the bottom...
^Malcolm Maclaren + Vivienne Westwood - Witches Collection A/W 1983^

Vivienne Westwood - visual history. Great pictures and footage from inside her and Malcolm Maclaren's legendary shops + close up shots of her early clothing &collections.
The Blitz Kidz site is a huge site + details the life and times of the 80's London club kids - from punks to new romantics and all the rest. While you're here why not research Kensington Market, textile designers BodyMap and Leigh Bowery?

^ Martin Margiela - Broken Plates Vest ^
Maison Martin Margiela Anniversary Show - S/S 2009
If you're looking at his other collections - remember he became noticeably less involved with the brand after 2005. Why note read a show review of this collection on etc for further insight?

Don't forget Helmut Lang to add to your list of designers.

See you next week,

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